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The Europan15 NL publication is available now!

It’s the continuing story of the Europan 15 NL competition in Rotterdam that kicked off in 2019. The housing crisis, the climate crisis and the increasing unaffordability of urban centres were on the agendas of all major European cities. The competition’s theme, the Productive City, sought to address these problems.


After a 2 year’s period of Covid 19 pandemic this publication presents a story that is both catalogue of the projects as they were when they were submitted in 2019, and a reflection on the continuing process in Rotterdam. We noticed that during the pandemic cities were suddenly used in a fundamentally different way, but among the entries for Europan15 proved remarkably timely for their agile and human-oriented approach. All insights have been collected in this publication which reads as a guideline for a new holistic way of making city.

More information on the winners, runners-up & special mentions via

Partners: AIR, Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, AM Gebiedsontwikkeling, Dudok Real Estate, Heijmans, BPD Gebiedsontwikkeling, Woonstad Rotterdam
Publication: graphic design Loes Sikkes visualcommunication | editors Martine Zoeteman, Jessica Cullen, Marieke Berkers | photography Frank Hanswijk | event photgraphy Fred Ernst | inside cover Kunstenvliegwerkluchtfoto | printed by Veenman+

The publication is available for free via the naibooksellers shop at Het Nieuwe Instituut, drop by or order your copy!


This Europan edition, the challenges in Rotterdam turned out to be popular amongst young architects. From the 901 projects that have been submitted on the 47 European sites in 12 countries, 123 proposals were submitted for the five Rotterdam sites.




WINNER: Makers’ Maze
Authors: Erica Chladova (CZ, architect), Izabela Slodka (PL, architect).
RUNNER-UP: Platform of Commons
Authors: Alexandra Chairetaki (GR, architect urbanist), Alessandra Farina (IT, architect).

Kop Dakpark:
WINNER: Hybrid Parliament
Authors: Miquel Ruiz (ES, architect), Joan Gener (ES, architect), Adrià Orriols (ES, architect). Collaborators: Daniel Gomez Massana (ES, architect), Ariana Ribas Garcia (ES, architect).
RUNNER-UP: Coop*Work*Park
Authors: Anna Pierotello (IT, architect), Virginia Chiappa Nunez (IT, architect).

WINNER: Rambla + Kapsalon
Author: Guillem Colomer (ES, architect).
RUNNER-UP: Productive Void
Authors: Michael Daane Bolier (NL, architect), Dorus Meurs (NL, architect).
SPECIAL MENTION: Rotterdam Housing-Hub
Author: David Tantimonaco (IT, architect).

Groot IJsselmonde:
WINNER: Hartland
Authors: Zuzana Jancovicova (SK, landscape architect), Davor Dusanic (SI, landscape architect), Katarina Labathova (SK, architect), Ida Bjallerbæk Pedersen (DK, architect).
RUNNER-UP: Semi-Urban
Authors: Gijs De Haan (NL, architect urbanist), Corné Strootman (NL, landscape architect), Vincent Peters (NL, landscape architect).

Brainpark I:
WINNER: Team Brainpark 
Authors: Wouter Keizer (NL, architect), Ule Koopmans (NL, architect). Collaborators: Douwe Strating (NL, architect), Lieke De Jong (NL, landscape architect), Anna Decker (NL, sociologist).
SPECIAL MENTION: Building upon Brainpark
Authors: Kevin Westerveld (NL, architect), Nima Morkoc (NL, architect), Hedwig Van Der Linden (NL, architect), Lars Kloeg (NL, architect).
SPECIAL MENTION: Elegy for the Office Park
Authors: Andrea Bit (IT, architect), Maciej Wieczorkowski (PL, architect), Robert Van Der Pol (NL, landscape architect).

Looking for up to date information about the winning Europan 15 Netherlands’ projects? Head on over to for more details!

Launch Five E15 Sites in Rotterdam

New Gateways to the Productive City

Europan NL, Rotterdam Architecture Institute (AIR) and the municipality of Rotterdam are proud to propose five locations for Europan 15. All five have been designated ‘high priority’ development sites by the municipality.


Rotterdam is growing. The city aims to build 50,000 new homes in the next decade and to vigorously enhance the quality and energy performance of the existing built environment. In short, Rotterdam is looking for ‘good growth’: building a compact, circular, productive, healthy and inclusive city with equal opportunities and high quality of living for everyone. It aims to be a vibrant and welcoming place for people of all walks of life, ages and beliefs. Citizens of Rotterdam should be able to live productive lives by working, learning, caring or in any other way contributing to the development of the city and its narratives. Therefore, it is important to remove barriers, to increase connectivity, to collaborate on ‘making city’ and to move forward on the rich Rotterdam tradition in architectural experiment and innovation.


For Europan 15, five sites have been selected within the city of Rotterdam that could catalyse opportunities on multiple levels. Places that could enhance the city’s social resiliency and contribute to ‘good growth’. These five sites will be a testing ground for the new Rotterdam vision and regulatory framework on spatial and socioeconomic developments, called the Omgevingsvisie (Environmental Strategy). This framework is currently being drafted by the municipality. Because of its holistic approach, it should accelerate innovative spatial solutions and sustainable socioeconomic developments. It is supported by an extensive participatory process and an action research program. The Europan 15 sites have been selected to implement this process, through research by design and its aim of implementing exemplary projects. The five assignments are in line with the theme of Europan 15 and the central themes of the Omgevingsvisie: Productive, Inclusive, Circular, Healthy and Compact City.


In addition to the Europan 15 competition process, there is an extensive public learning programme, including public events, workshops, masterclasses and a storytelling campaign. Europan 15 is initiated by Europan NL, Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, the municipality of Rotterdam and aims to connect a strong network of committed and innovative private parties.


This period is a crucial moment in de urban development of Rotterdam. For the municipality, the possibility of acquiring diverse new ideas, testing the scope of the Omgevingsvisie, and at the same time providing opportunities to young talent, is the main reason for the cooperation with Europan 15.

Enter the Europan 15 competition and contribute to Rotterdam’s search for good growth and the urban work-and-live environments of the future.


Follow Europan 15 NL via:

EUROPAN 14 Awards – 08.03.2018

We would like to invite you all to join us for the Awards ceremony and exhibition on 8th march 2018. Respected Mr.Laurens Ivens, Alderman building and living and Mr. Pierre van Rossum, Director Grond and Ontwikkeling Amsterdam will be the chief guests for the event.

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Winners announced for EUROPAN 14 – PRODUCTIVE AMSTERDAM

We are proud to announce winners for Europan14 NL. We thanks all of the participants for their great work!
Learn more about the winning projects

113 entries for five locations in Amsterdam!

On 1 September the Technical jury came together to review the 113 entries that Europan received for five sites in Amsterdam. This review is a preparatory step before the national jury comes together for the first time.

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The technical jury was pleased to see the diversity and quality of the responses to the competition theme. Based on the different conditions of the five locations the received entries came up with a variety of special project ideas and development strategies, addressing the public quality of the specific place.

The technical jury welcomes the interesting and valuable new perspectives on the development of the city. The entries will lead to fruitful discussions between jury members and the city representatives, giving new impulses to the development of the city.

The national Jury will meet end of September and on 3rd of November will be the final selection of entries with afterwards a public expert-meeting on ideas for innovative commissioning. The announcement of the winners is on 1st of December.


Participants take a first look at the sites

On the 20th of april 2017 there was the opportunity for participants to visit the Europan NL 14 sites accompanied by the project managers from the municipality. Among other things, the site brief and area were discussed on this useful day.

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Workshop with stakeholders to discuss E14 theme

“Productive Cities” is the theme of E14. How to integrate some of the production activities in the city – such as the production of food, energy, low skilled services, new industrial products – to enhance new relations between citizens?

How to involve the actors? How to manage the tensions emerging from the new relations between producing and living? How to integrate all the production cycles considering distribution, waste and consumption? These are just some of the questions that were discussed with site representatives and stakeholders during this workshop.

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Workshop participants:

Representatives from gemeente Amsterdam, Representatives from Europan NL, Key stakeholders for each location, Representatives from Europan NL’s support group ( kinderen van Europan), Specialist consultants expert in ‘productive city’



New organisation selected to run Europan NL

Europan Europe is pleased to announce that a new Europan NL organisation has been selected to start the search for sites for the 14th session of the competition, which will be launched at the beginning of 2017. The new organisation shall also take responsibility for the follow-up of the Europan 13 winning teams to help them implement their winning projects.

Photograph: Madir Shah (URBANOFFICE Architects), André Kempe (Atelier Kempe Thill), Olof van de Wal (architecture curator), Helena Casanova (Casanova + Hernandez Architecten), Didier Rebois (Secretary General Europan Europe) and Jonathan Woodroffe (S333 Architecture + Urbanism).