What is Europan

Europan is a European competition of ideas, bringing together design professionals, private stakeholders and public representatives of European cities to generate fresh solutions to today’s challenging urban questions. The competition serves a dual purpose: on the one hand it gives young architects, urban designers and landscape professionals the opportunity to turn their ideas into real projects, while on the other hand it offers cities and developers innovative approaches to local urban planning and development. These two functions combine to create a platform for ongoing debate and research on the transformation and mutation of today’s European city.

The competition spans over a two-year period in which some 15 to 20 European countries are involved. Each country provides a series of sites where conditions for future transformations are real. Competitors choose from these sites the one(s) on which they want to submit their projects.

The entries are judged by national juries composed of local and international specialists in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

For more information please do visit:  www.europan-europe.eu

What is the role
of Europan NL?

Europan NL is the new Foundation responsible for the Europan competition in The Netherlands. The Board is formed by a collective of former Europan winners who are all firmly committed to invest their time, enthusiasm and experience to support to the next generation of city thinkers and designers, in the same way that Europan supported them in the past.

The 14th edition of the Europan competition launched with five great sites in Amsterdam on February 13th and is open for registration until June 19, 2017.

With the Europan14th edition, Europan NL wants to re-assign the urban designers a central role in the creation and refurbishment of the public urban quality. In recent years the relations between government and developers have changed and, as a consequence, the quality of urban development projects is at stake. Both parties share an interest in a long-lasting quality however disagreement prevails in many other aspects. In this context, the project of the architect or of the urban planner becomes a tool of mediation between the government and the developers bringing quality to the benefit of the public interest.

This requires a redefinition of the position of the spatial design: in the Netherlands in fact architects have been knocked out from the urban development’s debate with a consequent stagnation and even marginalization of the Dutch architecture. The aim of Europan NL is to report this trend and turn the tide!

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Assistant secretary Europan NL

jurrienne Heijnen


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Foundation News

113 entries for five locations in Amsterdam!

On 1 September the Technical jury came together to review the 113 entries that Europan received for five sites in Amsterdam. This review is a preparatory step before the national jury comes together for the first time.

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New Europan NL secretary appointed

We are happy to welcome Bas Lagendijk to the Europan NL team. Bas studied spatial design at the Willlem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam. Before joining Europan NL, Bas helped to develop the international profile of Beijing based MAD architects, was the press officer for OMA, and worked as a co-writer for the Lego Architecture Studio set (21050). He is a regular guest critic and taught at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the University of Technology in Xi’an.

Forum of Results in Badajoz (ES)

During the forum, there was an opportunity to debate the “Productive Cities” theme and discover how some European cities have already put the topic into practice, by making some districts more dynamic through keeping or developing productive activities at the very heart of the city. During this debate Amsterdam city representative Sabine Lebesque and Europan NL Board members Madir Shah and Jonathan Woodroffe presented the five sites that have been selected for the E14 competition.

Alle prijsvraaglocaties Europan 14 in Amsterdam

Voor het eerst bevinden alle prijsvraaglocaties van Europan Nederland zich in één stad. Voor Europan 14 (http://europan.nl/) zijn vijf plaatsen aangewezen in Amsterdam, variërend van een schoolterrein tot stationsplein. Het thema van deze editie is Productive cities.

De uitkomsten van Europan in Amsterdam moeten bijdragen aan de ontwikkelingsstrategie Koers 2025 (https://www.amsterdam.nl/bestuur-organisatie/volg-beleid/koers-2025-amsterdam /ontwikkelstrategie/), die de stad heeft uitgezet voor de bouw van 50.000 nieuwe woningen in de komende negen jaar. Ook bieden de plannen ruimte aan voorzieningen en bedrijven. Hoe deze ontwikkelingen vorm gaan krijgen, is een opgave waar onder andere de deelnemers aan Europan 14 zich over kunnen buigen.


New organisation selected to run Europan NL

Europan Europe is pleased to announce that a new Europan NL organisation has been selected to start the search for sites for the 14th session of the competition, which will be launched at the beginning of 2017. The new organisation shall also take responsibility for the follow-up of the Europan 13 winning teams to help them implement their winning projects.

Photograph: Madir Shah (URBANOFFICE Architects), André Kempe (Atelier Kempe Thill), Olof van de Wal (architecture curator), Helena Casanova (Casanova + Hernandez Architecten), Didier Rebois (Secretary General Europan Europe) and Jonathan Woodroffe (S333 Architecture + Urbanism).