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Jury comments

This proposal comes up with a simple solution for a complex situation through creating a public square with clearly defined boundaries under the existing infrastructure structure. The scheme creates a well-dimensioned square with buildings under the tracks without disturbing the flow of the different users. This set-up follows the logic of traditional arches underneath train tracks creating special spaces that offer interesting locations for additional urban programs in a friendly and transparent way. The scheme is smart in the way that it is organising the program at the ground level. The square is a simple gesture offering rest and quietness for this area without direct focus on connection, and by doing so, offers a clear vision and an opposing view to the current messy situation. This openness allows the connection with the station to happen naturally. The jury values this proposal as a solution for the immediate future without blocking a long-term development strategy. There some were discussions in the jury about the transparent building on the reservation for parking and the way future flows of residents are integrated in the plan.


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