Foam of Production


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Jury comments

This project has been unanimously voted the best proposal. The plan is interesting in that it proposes a solution that functions at different scales and with different typologies, with a clear and well defined collective space in the center of the plan. It proposes a clear hierarchy of urban spaces and city blocks, set within an loose organisational structure that allow for different types of uses. The system of flexible blocks is adaptable and can allow for different phasing ideas. This scheme is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs or private ownership situations. The proposed interventions offer undefined space as a reaction to the overly defined space which is considered one of the problems of the Bijlmer. The project is productive because it is ‘forever young’ and focused on the future. It somehow brings optimism and facilitates user participation without being to ‘closed’ to the community.


Project Team


Contact information

Borgesiusstraat 27B-2, 3038 TB, Rotterdam, NL