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Jury comments

The proposal is interesting at different scales, and the strategy is clear with its modularity and use of green houses that try to bring extra types of buildings and an increased population. A new park connects different public spaces with the existing neighborhood and creates opportunities for new collective spaces. The plan is quite utopian in the way it presupposes how working spaces in open areas can survive. In that sense, the jury feels that the proposal might not meet the needs of the affordable working spaces to the extent the project team claims it can.

New living opportunities interact with each other under the over-arching roof. The generic glass structure could be seen as being an answer to the generic structure of the Bijlmer but on the other hand the jury is critical about the amount of glass roofs proposed, and its maintenance. The jury feels that the plan proposes an unrealistic romantic image of society and lacks density


Project Team


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Mariastraat 25, 5735EW, Aarle-Rixtel, NL