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Jury comments

This project stands out by its clear and strong urban strategy and a system of little squares which function well as public spaces that are well oriented on the sun. it is an intriguing structuring scheme which leads to a beautiful urban scheme. Despite the fact that the link with the different neighborhoods and the alignment along the Papaverweg could be more explicit, this proposal is most in line with the brief and the is the most complete.

An all-round project, which is feasible as a design strategy. Spatially, the development strategy for the transformation of the whole of Papaverdriehoek is very interesting. The feasibility of the proposal and the functioning of the area during the different phases of development, with the possibility to integrate ‘de Ceuvel’ is convincing. The urban scheme shows a good gradient of density and balance in height differences and flexibility between firm guidelines and flexibility in the working out of the plot spaces. In its looseness and preciseness this proposal offers a lot of potentials for the development of the area. Instead of removing the existing productivity of the area this project proposes to integrate these structures by stacking productivity and housing and by integrating existing uses. Features to be worked on further are the alignment with the road and the connection with the different neighborhoods. The possible synergy of the neighborhood and ‘de Ceuvel’ could be more explicit.


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Drakenbergsgatan 8, 11741, Stockholm, SE