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Urban symbiosis with an open end

In 2001 Helena Casanova and Jesús Hernández won Europan 6 in Groningen. The first phase of construction was completed in 2012. A mortar depot first needed to be relocated and subsequently the economic crisis and the slump in market demand severely hampered further progress.  The project was named De Stadswerf and is a part of the city that is open-ended because the full plan is not yet completed. The first phase of construction comprises 84 housing units including the apartment building but without the image-defining, long strip with quayside housing.

Europan Nederland made a booklet about the first phase of contruction. Robert-Jan de Kort wrote the main article. The booklet costs € 9 and is available via Europan Nederland.

Exactly when work on the master plan will continue is uncertain at the present moment, but De Stadswerf is already a neighbourhood to be proud of!


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