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The Forum of Sites, where representatives from all the known sites for Europan 12 at this time gathered, was held in Malmö in Sweden. Not surprisingly, the morning of the first day was devoted to this city. The excursion programme took the forum participants to Holma, the Europan 11 site, where they met the two teams that were the runners-ups, and took part in a workshop. They also visited Hyllie, a suburb of Malmö, where major developments are taking place with the focus on a new congress centre. The third venue that morning was Västra Hamnen, a sustainable district. A Bauausstellung was held there in 2001 and, in the meantime, development of the neighbourhood has almost reached completion.

The afternoon programme, comprising two discussion sessions, examined whether the Europan themes have any bearing on the urban strategies of European towns and cities and whether urban regeneration engendered by Europan can contribute to the development of the urban environment.

Not wishing to break with tradition, the Dutch delegates dined together on the evening of the first day where they took the opportunity of becoming better acquainted with each other. All three sites were represented in Malmö: Assen, Groningen and Schiedam. The alderman of Schiedam, Nathalie Gouweleeuw, surprised those present with a pleasing gift from the municipality. The next day, Saturday, the delegates attended the working groups in which they discussed the assignments formulated for the sites. In a number of cases this led to the conclusion that the presentation of the assignment should possibly be more focused, or conversely expanded upon. After all, the more precisely the assignment is presented, the more effectively it can be tackled. It was also interesting to view sites in other countries and meet the other delegates.

At the invitation of the mayor the forum concluded with a stylish dinner in the city hall, which dates from 1530 and gained its present form in the nineteenth century.

On Sunday the delegates were free to return home, digest all the information acquired and resume working on the competition material that must be ready for posting on the European web site on 18 March.

It was an interesting forum that all can look back on with pleasure!

Calatrava's landmarkt in Malmö
Calatrava's landmarkt in Malmö


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