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The questions and answers below are general in nature. At the start of Europan 11 specific questions and answers about the regulations of Europan 11 will be posted.

When does the next Europan round begin?

For participants, Europan 12 starts on 18 March 2013. All information about Europan 12 can be found on the international competition web site (

Who can participate in Europan?

Europan focuses on young professionals in the field of architecture and urban design, under the age of forty and with a European diploma or working in Europe. Each team must have at least one architect.

What is the composition of a team?

A team can be composed of people from diverse design disciplines. Each team has one team representative, the person who will be responsible for all contacts with the European and the national secretariats. A team can comprise team members, (referred to as associates in the English regulations) and/or contributors.

Does the team representative have to be an architect?

No. For Europan 12 in some cases the team representative can also be an urban designer or a landscape architect, on condition that this is stated in the short site file. There should always be an architect in the team. If the team representative is an urban designer or landscape architect, then one of the other team members should be an architect.

I will soon be forty, can I still enter Europan?

That depends on the date of your birthday. All team members must be under the age of forty on the last day by which entries must be submitted, namely 28 June 2013.

How can I enter?

Via the Europan Europe web site: This site has all the information about the competition. It also has information about the participating sites. Having selected a site, the team representative registers and pays the € 150 registration fee. The team representative then receives a log-in code and a password, with which he or she can download detailed information (in English) about the site selected. The team representative can also use this log-in data during the registration period to modify the registration form and add team members (associates) and contributors.

What are the qualification requirements for the participants?

Each team must have at least one architect. This architect must have qualified in Europe (in the field of architecture), OR have the “status” of architect in a European country (i.e. be registered as an architect with the appropriate regulating body).

According to Dutch legislation all architects, interior architects, landscape architects and urban designers in a team established in the Netherlands − and planning to register for a Dutch site – must be registered in 2013 with Stichting Bureau Architectenregister SBA (Architects Registration Board of the Netherlands) (SBA, see

A scanned copy of the SBA 2013 registration should be uploaded along with the other personal papers in the digital envelope via the competition web site (see regulations).

Can I visit the competition sites?

Yes, site visits are organised during each Europan competition round, whereby site representatives are also present to answer questions. The visits to the Europan 12 sites are planned on 6 April 2013 (Schiedam), 13 April 2013 (Assen) and 20 April 2013 (Groningen). Reports of the site visits will be published on the competition web site. Furthermore, everyone is welcome to visit the sites any other time, but unaccompanied and without explanation from the site representative.

Can I submit plans for several sites?

Yes, on condition that the sites are located in different countries.

How should I submit my entry?

Only digitally and via the international competition web site. Using your log-in code and password you can upload the three “panels”, the digital document and personal information. Paper entries are no longer accepted.

Does my entry have to be anonymous?

Yes, all the plans for Europan are sent in anonymously. None of the documents submitted may bear a name or other information that reveal the identity of the participant.

How can I ensure that my entry remains anonymous?

Each project that is uploaded via the international web site is automatically assigned a code, which remains undisclosed to the participants. These codes are used during the adjudication so that the entries remain anonymous.

In which language should my plan be written?

Because the jury that adjudicates the entries for the Dutch sites is international in composition, Europan Nederland recommends writing all the texts to be submitted in English.

Can I publish my entry during the competition, for example, by placing it on my own web site?

No, the plans submitted and the identity of the entrant(s) may not be made public before the European announcement of the results.

What happens to my entry after the competition?

According to the regulations all material received becomes the property of the Europan organisation. Europan Nederland gives the competition material to the sites. If they do not wish to keep the entries then they organise a collection date for the participants.

My question is not answered yet!

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