Europan Nederland


Input meeting on the future of Europan on 12 April 2013


On 12 April 2013 in The New Institute in Rotterdam a meeting was held aimed at providing new ideas and tools and inspiration for Europan Nederland for the future. A future that, due to all sorts of factors, appears to have become uncertain. The input of architects, clients, experts and others not directly involved in the profession might well find an answer to issues that have been troubling the organisation for some time now.

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Urban symbiosis with an open end


In 2001 Helena Casanova and Jesús Hernández won Europan 6 in Groningen. The first phase of construction was completed in 2012. A mortar depot first needed to be relocated and subsequently the economic crisis and the slump in market demand severely hampered further progress.

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Study assignment for runners-up in Deventer


Jan-Peter Wenink and Ferdy Holtkamp, runners-up for the Europan 11 site in Deventer, received a study assignment for the redevelopment of the "Zwart Silo" (black silo) into to a café and restaurant area. Last week the plan was presented.

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Subsidy refusal for Europan partially reversed!


In May 2012 the Netherlands Architecture Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur) (SfA) rejected Europan Nederland’s subsidy request.

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Call for Europan 12 sites


Behind the scenes the Europan organisations already work hard on Europan 12. The theme for Europan 12 is called: Adaptable City - inserting the urban rhytms (pdf thematekst). Suggestions for potential Europan 12 sites are very welcome and can be brought forward at the project office of Europan Nederland.

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Expression of support for Europan Nederland


Since receiving the news several weeks ago that the subsidy application submitted to The Netherlands Architecture Fund had been rejected, the national secretariat and the Board of Europan have received many expressions of support.

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