Europan Nederland

Winning Europan project

Prize, Europan 08, Tilburg Burgerijpad

Dominique ter Beek (NL/1977), Jenny Eklund (SE/1976), Chris Luth (NL/1975)

Portret eklundterbeekluth

Jenny Eklund, Dominique ter Beek
architecture, landscape & urbanism
Postbus 23430
3001 KK Rotterdam
t +31 (0)10 476 08 90

Chris Luth
Chris Luth Architectural Curator
Eendrachtsweg 71
3012 LG  Rotterdam
t +31 6 183 90 140

Tilburg 1eprijs

Name winning plan: EB 005 Circumscribing the Sheperd's Garden

Project documentation Project documentation (1.4 MiB)

Quotation from the jury report Europan 08

Through the intelligent arrangement of the ribbon, "Circumscribing the Sheperd's Garden" succeeds in its objective of merging density with a generous, open space. The differentiation along the outer edges also contributes to the force of this modest and non-dogmatic plan.

Status: Not Implemented

In Tilburg the initial preconditions for the Europan assignment have in the meantime changed. The fire station will remain on the site for the foreseeable future. A large part of the site, however, has been vacated and discussions have taken place with the municipality of Tilburg and developing parties to realise a modified plan.