Europan Nederland

Winning Europan project

Prize, Europan 08, Alkmaar Vegro-terrein

René Berbee (NL/1976), Marc Holvoet (BE/1974)

Portret berbeeholvoet

Atelier Bruut
Kiekstraat 76
1087 JB Amsterdam
t+ 31 (0)20 416 11 68

Alkmaar 1eprijs

Name winning plan: MR 007 Post Industrialisation

Project documentation Project documentation (1.3 MiB)

Quotation from the jury report Europan 08

One of the plan's great strengths lies in its strategy: the preservation of the existing plot layout can be conceived as an argument to begin building at once. This results in housing blocks in varying dimensions sharing a common design.

Status: Not Implemented

In the prize-winning plan blocks varying in dimension and scale could be developed at discretion within the existing site sub-division. This created a clear separation between the public and collective domain. Nieuw Overstad is working on a master plan for the transformation of Overstad. The municipality still intends giving ATELIERBRUUT a commission in due course for a partial elaboration.