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Tilburg Burgerijpad (Europan 08)

Tilburg is a city with hidden treasures. The Europan site should be developed into a hidden treasure for people to live in, in the western part of the town centre. The study area directly borders part of the Cityring: Noordhoekring. This ring road is the traffic artery that accesses the town centre. The intervention area forms the southern part of the study area.
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Made available by: gemeente Tilburg

Name winner(s) Name plan Prize
Dominique ter Beek (NL/1977), Jenny Eklund (SE/1976), Chris Luth (NL/1975) EB 005 Circumscribing the Sheperd's Garden Prize
Stephanie Tunka (DE/1976), Falk Schneemann (DE/1976) SF 111 Hoflandscape Runner-Up