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Cultural ANBI

In October 2012 Europan Nederland acquired the cultural ANBI status. ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling which means Europan is an institution for general benefit. With this status it is fiscally interesting for both private individuals and businesses who are taxable in the Netherlands to support Europan financially with a one-time or a periodical gift. Support that Europan badly needs in these times of cutbacks and that is essential if it is to continue its work in the coming years. The state subsidy that enabled Europan Nederland to organise a high-quality competition, year after year, has been stopped. The subsidy that Europan will receive in the coming two years from The Creative Industries Fund NL is not sufficient to enable the competition to continue in its present form. This is why your support in the form of a gift is greatly appreciated!

How does it actually work for private individuals?
Private individuals taxable in the Netherlands can increase the tax deduction on their gift to Europan Nederland by 25%: a person donating € 100 can claim € 125 as a tax deductible item from their income tax. This applies to a maximum donation of € 5,000. The maximum annual tax deductible increase is € 1,250.

And for businesses?
Businesses subject to corporation tax in the Netherlands can claim 1½ times the sum of their gift to Europan Nederland as a tax deductible item in their corporation tax declaration. If, for example, your gift amounts to € 2,000, then you can deduct € 3,000 (150%).

Periodical gifts, donations that you pledge for at least five years, offer more fiscal benefits.

If you donate both a normal gift and a periodical gift to a cultural ANBI then the maximum tax-deductible increase is also € 1,250.



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