Europan Nederland


Europan is a European competition of ideas for young spatial designers. With this competition Europan aims to give form to a Europe in which young and highly-promising designers can contribute to innovations in the field of spatial design.

Europan organises a competition once every two years in, on average, fiftien countries. Taken together, on average, these countries make, on average, 50 real sites available for young designers to develop a plan. The assignments set for the participants are complex. Architecture, urban design and landscape are recurring aspects that the municipalities and developers present the participants. By offering such multi-faceted assignments Europan stimulates the composition of multi-disciplinary teams. The team leader must be an architect, but in addition, the team can comprise urban designers, landscape architects, artists, sociologists, etc.

The competition is organised according to the same rules in all countries and with an overall theme. In each country a national jury adjudicates the entries for the sites in the country in question.

The salient feature of Europan is that the organisation does not confine itself to a competition of ideas, but that the winners receive a commission in a second phase either in the form of the realisation of their winning Europan design, or in the form of an alternative commission. In this way, Europan supports the prize-winning architects in securing their (frequently first) own design assignment. In the later phases of the realisation process Europan also remains in contact with the winners in order to offer them advice or support where necessary.

The competition is open to architects under the age of forty from all over (geographic) Europe.

Winners Europan 11, December 2011. © Theo Bos
Winners Europan 11, December 2011. © Theo Bos